A Brand-New Rock Music Festival for Families has Launched in the UK!

8th December 2019, Bar 6, Maidstone, Kent

A brand-new family friendly festival has been born and if you and your kids both love listening to rock music, then this is a new craze you do not want to miss out on! Kids Rock Hosted their Christmas launch party this evening at Bar 6 in Maidstone and what an incredible night it was!

Long gone are the days of going to cringy kids discos, dancing to Agadoo and eating buffet party food that may or may not have been prodded by little fingers… eek!

So, what makes this brand-new rock festival awesome and totally different? It’s a rock music festival for children AND adults! Tonight, we heard the likes of Green Day, AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Queen, Linkin Park and more by a professional DJ!

Families were rocking out on the dance floor under UV and disco lights with glow sticks and inflatable guitars…they also brought out a huge parachute for the children to play games with and dance under!

The bar was even open for a responsible adult drink, nice one…cheers!

The venue was decorated with some very festive Christmas decorations; lots of fairy lights, a pretty Christmas tree, an inflatable light up snowman, light up balloons and giant light up candy canes.

Company owner Katie, who was dressed as an Elf, greeted everyone at the door with a huge smile and boundless energy. She explained that everyone could get their faces painted for free as it was included with our tickets! The lovely ladies who were doing the face painting at the back were incredibly talented too, we saw lots of happy painted faces.

Added extras you could buy included glow sticks (50p each or 5 for £2), inflatable guitars (£2), glitter tattoos (£4), glitter hair styling from a professional hairdresser (£5), giant candy cane balloon models (£2) and Christmas balloon hats (£2) made in front of you by Katie the Elf!

There was about an hour left of the event and Katie encouraged everyone to gather on the dance floor and explained that they had a very special guest arriving. The children were so excited as Katie asked them who they think it may be. She then said that he may be a little shy, so needed some encouragement to come out and say hi to everyone. On the count of 3 everyone shouted for the special guest to come out, the DJ hit play on ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and the one and only Santa Clause entered the room strumming his inflatable guitar!

Santa sat upon his seat on the stage next to the Christmas tree as everyone made a line to each see him individually. What also came as a lovely surprise was that every child got a small gift from Santa! Totally unexpected and truly magical!

Katie plans on hosting many more Kids Rock events all throughout the UK in the next few years and is even planning a large outdoor festival for 2021 with rock bands, food vendors, entertainers, and more! Watch this space!

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