How has the Events Industry Been Affected by the Coronavirus?

When Coronavirus hit Britain in early 2020, it brought along with it uncertainty and  a series of lockdown restrictions. I think it’s fair to say that no one anticipated this.  Life completely changed for us all, and the impact on the economy has been devastating—industries such as travel, hospitality and events have been impacted  the worst.  

The events industry is worth approximately £39bn in the UK. However, the industry  has suffered considerable losses. Firstly as lockdown restrictions were put in place, all events were forced to be either cancelled or rescheduled. Then as lockdown  restrictions were lifted, social distancing measures, that were put in place meant  that businesses were accommodating for about 40% of their capacity, making it  difficult to break even. However, with the government’s multi-billion pound rescue  package, has managed to give some relief to businesses, just about keeping their  head above the water.  

As vaccines are approved, and infection rates are decreasing, we look optimistically  into 2021. Once again, we look forward to meeting with loved ones again and  visiting public places without any restrictions. 

How Has The Events Industry Been Affected By The Coronavirus?  | Kids Rock

After all the doom and gloom, here at Kids Rock, we look forward to being able to  do what we do best. Company owner Katie Lawrance, who has been voted the UK’s  best children’s entertainer 2020, knows how to throw a party that children and  adults of all ages will enjoy.  

As the government predicts that we could return to pre-pandemic levels in Spring  2021. With this promising news, we look forward to a restriction free summer.  

With that said, we are hopefully planning a large Summer festival in 2021 for all the  family to enjoy. There is no better place for all the family to get together and enjoy  the warm weather, lockdown free. There will be rock bands, food vendors,  entertainers and much much more, so bring all your family and friends and make some amazing memories! More information to be announced soon!

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